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Watch the video about  Shakespeare It's Elementary, our flagship program

"Anyone can participate. Everyone can succeed."

-Lindsay Pontius, Co-Founder, Courageous Stage

Courageous Stage (CS) uses the theatre arts to activate the creative power within the community and to promote lasting personal and collective discovery. CS began in 2018 as an outreach program to the schools in Addison County, Vermont under the auspices of Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater. Within 3 years, we expanded to include over 20 schools and 6 school districts (five in Vermont and one in Los Angeles, California.)  To meet the demand and serve a state-wide and national demographic, we created our own organization in 2021, Courageous Stage LLC. Courageous Stage is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. We have employed 20 professional theater artists from all over the US and continue to partner with the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury and have established many more on-going partnerships including: the Bread Loaf School of English, the New Perennials Project at Middlebury College, Burlington’s Flynn Theatre, John Brown Lives!, a freedom education project and Middlebury Underground, a multi-disciplinary arts and event organization. ​

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