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CS works to develop multiple partnerships across a community. We share and expand knowledge using the tools of theatre to tease out and create a basis for solving and supporting discovery around complex social problems such as climate change, the pandemic, diversity and inclusion and racism. Through the process, we generate material with our community partners and our artists. It is always a rewarding undertaking both challenging and fun. We continue to tweak the work and be responsive to the times we live in.

Clint Bierman at EastView 5-31-2020-2_edited.jpg

Doc Lyle Sol's Medicine Show


CS partnered with Middlebury Underground, the New Perennials Project at Middlebury College, EastView ( a Senior Residence), Middlebury Police and Public Health and residents of the Buttolph Acres neighborhood. The outcome of this collaboration was a traveling performance on a stage behind a truck that pulled through neighborhoods in the early time of the pandemic. We timed our arrival so that audience members could participate and stay socially distance and safe. For many it was the first time in months that neighbors saw each other to wave and feel a sense of participation and togetherness that was welcoming but also safe.

Doc reaching up with Banjo_edited_edited.jpg

If I Say Bee


Bringing together Middlebury College students in the Page One Program, Middlebury Underground, Community Engagement Lab, Bee the Change and Town Hall Theater around the plight of pollinators.

The Deal of the Century


This project built upon the traveling medicine show idea and deepened our partnerships with Town Hall Theater and the New Perennials Project at Middlebury College. It revisited our world more than a year into Covid Time and unpacked a perennial perspective on the complex issues that we as a community have faced over this time.


Page One Literacy


This year, we began a new partnership with Middlebury College's Page One Literacy Project and Center for Community Engagement. To kick things off, we will be leading a workshop. See below for more details. We're looking forward to the workshop as well as making a connection between Page One Literacy and our upcoming If I Say Bee project!

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