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Courageous Stage creates real, tangible change in Vermont communities.

Since 2012, Courageous Stage has grown from its inaugural 130-student elementary school program, Shakespeare It’s Elementary to an organization that serves more than 20 schools, 1,000 students, and 80 teachers from grades 4-12.  Today, we’re rolling out new programs, forging new partnerships and working to meet the demand for Courageous Stage in the classroom.

It's Elementary

Shaksepeare white.png

A shot of adrenaline to English Language Arts curriculum

Inspired Citizens

Online offerings that pack a big punch. Exploring the future by discovering the past. 



Working in our communities for lasting, inspired change. 

Professional Development

 Professional skills grown from theatre technique.


Maverick Voice

 Building community and collaboration through investigating change agents past & present. 

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